From the Ground Up

Conversations with Wes Jackson

Robert Jensen; Wes Jackson

New Perennials Publishing · 2022

From the Ground Up - cover

Foreword by Linda Ronstadt
Edited by Robert Jensen
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From the Ground Up - cover

As human societies hurtle toward collapse, we’re going to need good science, appropriate teaching, and the best of our neighborly traditions to get through. In From the Ground Up, Wes Jackson offers both. He’s a scientist with a sharp analytical mind to evaluate the data, and a lively storyteller who can reach back into the past for lessons that will be essential in a down-powering world.

Wes Jackson supplemented the education he got growing up on a Kansas truck farm with a Ph.D. in genetics, leading to a university career. But he gave that up to start an alternative school and a research center that is now at the heart of work in sustainable agriculture. Along the way, he sharpened his storytelling skills, which are on display in this edited version of podcasts recorded in 2020 with his friend and collaborator Robert Jensen.

“Podcast from the Prairie” with Wes Jackson”
Episode 1, “Intellectual Grounding.” Episode 2, “Respecting Your Tools.” Episode 3, “Mad about Science.” Episode 4, “Methodism in My Madness.” Episode 5, “The Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man.” Episode 6, “Hogs Are Up: Stories of the Land, with Digressions.” Episode 7, “The Restless and Relentless Mind of Wes Jackson, as Explained by Robert Jensen.”

Podcast from the Prairie

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