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Articles by Robert Jensen

Critiquing Transgender Theology: A review of Janice Raymond’s Doublethink

Lesbian and Gay News · January, 2022

My review of Janice Raymond’s book, Doublethink: A Feminist Challenge to Transgenderism.


Intellectual Grounding: A Conversation with Wes Jackson

Front Porch Republic · January, 2022

Conversations from “Podcast from the Prairie.”


What Do Men Tell Us about Pornography? What Does Pornography Tell Us about Men?

Dissident Voice · December, 2021

A version of this essay was presented to the Engage Conference: Masculinity, Patriarchy, Feminism on November 19, 2021.]


Defining racism: Individuals and institutions, systems and structures

ABC Religion & Ethics · December, 2021

The expanded public space for conversation about racial justice in recent years has not always led to greater precision in how we use words. More clarity in definitions of systemic, structural, and institutional racism would help sharpen analysis and guide policy choices. This essay offers one way to make sense of individual versus institutional forms of white supremacy while distinguishing between systemic and structural factors. In addition to critiquing the dominant culture, I also point to failures of analysis on the left. My goal is to go beyond jargon and dogma that fosters in-group solidarity, in the hopes of contributing to a truly intersectional analysis.


Pornography: Doing the Worst to Women, Bringing out the Worst in Men

Countercurrents · November, 2021

This is an expanded version of testimony delivered to the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Commercial Sexual Exploitation, November 2, 2021.


Instituting Liberty: Contested, Changing, Conflicted Definitions

Common Dreams · September, 2021

Reasonable people can disagree, and a university should be a place where those disagreements are celebrated. That would be a good starting point for a Liberty Institute.


“A Certain Terror”: A White Male Perspective on Being an Ally

Merion West · September, 2021

A version of this essay was presented to an online Diversity & Inclusion gathering on August 12, 2021.


Can we learn from history?

Common Dreams; Counterpunch · September, 2021

Looking back at dissenters’ reaction to 9-11.


Restless and Relentless Minds: Thinking as a “Species out of Context” · August, 2021

The stability of the Earth’s ecosystems, and hence the future of the human species, depends on people recognizing and responding to multiple, cascading social and ecological crises that can easily overwhelm our imaginations. We need to cultivate restless and relentless minds to deal with unprecedented analytical questions and moral challenges if we are to go beyond the failed approaches of our current politics. This requires a sense of history deeper than we typically see in current debates. Since the advent of agriculture more than 10,000 years ago, humans have been a “species out of context.” That awareness will help us formulate “questions that go beyond the available answers,” which are necessary if we are to fashion effective responses to the crises. In this presentation, Robert Jensen highlights a half-century of work by one of his elders, Wes Jackson of The Land Institute in Kansas (USA), to suggest approaches to analyzing the threats at this moment in history. This lecture draws on Jensen’s 2021 book, The Restless and Relentless Mind of Wes Jackson: Searching for Sustainability (University Press of Kansas) and a forthcoming book co-written with Jackson.


Making sense of sex and gender: A review of Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism

Dissident Voice; Counterpunch · July, 2021

A review of Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism by Kathleen Stock.


Why Porn? Why This Porn? Why So Little Concern? · June, 2021

The Dangers of White Male Supremacy

YES! Magazine · June, 2021

This essay is an expanded version of my review of Ijeoma Oluo’s book _Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America_ that appeared in the magazine’s print edition.

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