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Articles by Robert Jensen

Clarifying terminology crucial in transgender debate

Texas Tribune · December, 2018

As sex and gender issues simmer — and routinely boil over — at every level of government, now more than ever we need clear definitions of terms used in the transgender debate.


Compassion as cover: How transgender allies dodge debate

Feminist Current · November, 2018

Since publishing my first essay challenging the ideology of the transgender movement four years ago, I have often found myself in settings where liberal allies of that movement try to divert a difficult discussion by claiming the moral high ground of compassion. With each of these encounters, I become increasingly frustrated at this “compassion-as-cover” dodge that seems designed to give liberals a way to avoid accountability.


Nuclear Power Will Not Save Us from Climate Change

YES! Magazine · November, 2018

How the IPCC’s solutions for reversing the Earth’s warming encourage business as usual.


American Journalism’s Ideology: Why the “Liberal” Media is Fundamentalist

Brill · September, 2018

Feminist Principles and Michael Kimmel

Counterpunch · August, 2018

A week after anonymous charges of sexual harassment against sociologist Michael Kimmel surfaced, I suggested that his half-hearted “apology” was unacceptable and that the pro-feminist men’s movement’s response was inadequate. With two more weeks now past, a follow-up challenge to Kimmel—a leading figure in the feminist-influenced study of men and masculinities—is appropriate.


Interview: There Clearly Is No Decent Human Future Possible in Capitalism

American Herald Tribune · August, 2018

Mohsen Abdelmoumen interviews Robert Jensen


What are the responsibilities of pro-feminist men in the Michael Kimmel case?

Feminist Current · August, 2018

The irony of one of the leading pro-feminist male scholars being accused of sexual harassment is painfully obvious. The accusations against sociologist Michael Kimmel have been anonymous so far and investigations are just beginning, but we need not wait to take seriously Kimmel’s own advice to men who find themselves in this position.


Transforming human life on our home planet, perennially

Ecological Citizen · July, 2018

The development of agriculture is one of the key fault lines in human history, the starting point for the human project of dominating the planet. As the catastrophic consequences of that domination become undeniable, an ecospheric framework that recognizes the problem of agriculture should be at the centre of an analysis and critique of the ecological and social failures of the industrial worldview that shapes today’s world.


Neither cis nor TERF

Feminist Current · May, 2018

Since it’s becoming more common for people to “self-identify” in terms of sex/gender, I want to do the same, by challenging two ways I have been inaccurately labeled.


The Art of Avoiding Definitions: A Review of ‘Trans*: A Quick and Quirky Account of Gender Variability’

Feminist Current · April, 2018

“Let me define the terms, and I’ll win any debate,” a friend told me years ago, an insight I’ve seen confirmed many times in intellectual and political arenas.

But after reading Jack Halberstam’s new book, Trans*: A Quick and Quirky Account of Gender Variability, I would amend that observation: Debates also can be won by making sure a term is never clearly defined.


Review of ‘Surrogacy: A Human Rights Violation’

Live Encounters · March, 2018

Reading Renate Klein’s elegantly argued Surrogacy: A Human Rights Violation, it’s difficult not to keep repeating to oneself, “How did we get here?”, all the while trying to keep at bay a sense of despair.


Masculinity: A Way Forward

Voice Male Magazine · February, 2018

Men have long claimed to own, control, or have the right to exploit women’s reproductive power and sexuality. Those claims are deeply embedded in contemporary culture—so deeply that the resulting practices are routinely taken to be “just the way things are”—but the practices also are inconsistent with widely shared moral values of liberty, equality, and solidarity.

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