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Articles by Robert Jensen

Beyond ‘No’ and the Limits of ‘Yes’: A Review of Naomi Klein’s ‘No Is Not Enough’ · June, 2017

In her new book, No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need, Klein reminds us to pay attention not only to the style in which Trump governs (a multi-ring circus so routinely corrupt and corrosive that anti-democratic practices seem normal) but in whose interests he governs (the wealthy, those he believes to be the rightful winners in the capitalist cage match), while recognizing the historical forces that make his administration possible (decades of market-fundamentalist/neoliberal rejection of the idea of a collective good).


The Case for Truth Seeking (No Matter How Messy)

YES! Magazine · June, 2017

Why We Are Driven to Search for the Truth

It’s something we struggle to see more clearly, to realize day to day, to make more real in our lives. And that’s always messy business.


Robert Jensen on Millennial men, climate change, and the increasing need for radical politics

Feminist Current · June, 2017

Can We Talk? How Dogma Degrades Democracy

Counterpunch · June, 2017

“There’s a disagreement in the planning group, about inviting you,” an organizer told me, hesitantly, during a phone call this spring to finalize the details of my speaking slot in a “diversity-and-inclusion” event.

I sighed and prepared to respond, knowing that the objection to my participation likely had to do either with my writing after September 11, 2001, that was critical of the U.S. empire or more recent essays challenging the ideology of the transgender movement from a radical feminist position.


‘Real men’ talk: Interviews between Robert Jensen and Barry Doak

Nation of Change · May, 2017

As radical feminists/male allies/men we need to take control of the conversation on issues like prostitution, pornography and toxic masculinity.


Beyond Liberal Pieties: the Radical Challenge for Journalism

CounterPunch · May, 2017

Many liberals and leftists criticized the New York Times last month for giving right-wing ideologue Bret Stephens a piece of the most valuable real estate in U.S. journalism, a regular spot on its op-ed page.


‘It’s just porn’: Coming to terms with a sexually corrosive culture

Conatus News (UK) · February, 2017

Although the most compelling critiques of pornography over the past four decades have been articulated by radical feminists, many young people—including women—assume that challenges to the pornographic culture come only from conservative and/or religious perspectives. As a result, secular and liberal folks often assume that they must endorse porn to be cool.


“Sex work” or “prostitution”? Language choices reveal views on male dominance

Conatus News (UK) · February, 2017

The terms to describe the buying and selling of bodies for sex in the modern world convey much about the underlying ideological debate going on in the culture, and within feminism.


Listening to golf banter taught us teenage caddies that it’s OK to objectify women

Dallas Morning News, January 27, 2017 · January, 2017

Donald Trump comments caught on tape reveal underpinnings of inequality in our society.


Inauguration Eve: PEN Writers Respond

PEN Center USA · January, 2017

On the eve of the inauguration, we asked writers and journalists to share short essays of strength, hope, reflection, and resistance. These essays are part of a series that demonstrates PEN Center USA’s continued efforts to defend freedom of expression.


If We’re Honest, We All Know Trump’s America

YES! Magazine · January, 2017

Trump articulates ideas that are closer to what is considered “normal” in the United States than many of us are willing to acknowledge.


How feminists can challenge liberal bathroom politics

Dallas Morning News · December, 2016

Most public discussions assume that liberals will support and conservatives will reject the transgender movement’s claims. A more radical feminism — one that doesn’t shy away from challenging male dominance — offers a different approach.

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